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At MCELLBLOCK, We understand your circumstances are unique to you. We understand that you need more than just extra bodies. You also need knowledge and experience. That’s why at MCELLBLOCK, more than 50% of our total staff are engineers.

With MCELLBLOCK’s Android Device Testing-as-a-Service, you get a turnkey, full-service device testing solution that includes the best certified experts in the industry, live 24/7 helpdesk support, tested and proven best practices in device testing and world-class technology. All of this is wrapped in a high availability service level agreement that financially guarantees your satisfaction.

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COMING SOON! The MCELLBLOCK Drive Test solution consists of our highly-customized vehicle that contains the latest technology equipment to analyze the cellular service in a specific area. By simulating what a wireless device user could experience in a given area, wireless carriers can make adjustments to their network that enable better coverage and service to their customers. It requires a mobile vehicle, our MCELLBLOCK drive test tools with actual devices which collect real time data, a GPS device along with our highly trained RF engineer…

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